Singer- songwriter, folk artist Steve Itterly, on his evocative track Great Northern Rains has all the musical accoutrements that you might come to expect from classic folk. A skiffle shuffle, dynamic acoustic rhythms, harmonica strains and natural upfront vocals… but at the core, deep down inside there is a quality that some cannot attain and that is an overshadowing earnest aesthetic coming out of that piece of wood and Itterly’s soul. Like all good folk songs there are macro themes that are brought home on personal levels and while Great Northern Rains speak of hard times, hopelessness, physical and emotional clouds and vagabond blues, there are also themes of accountability for a country losing it’s moral compass and the cost to our humanity, and how we all might deal with those feelings.

“Today I woke up crying and I will until the day of my dieing, please tell me what to do for to keep on standing true to these great northern rains”

From the “House Songs” EP.

Robb Donker